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Belisha beacons is based in Somerset England. We design, develop and manufacture a wide range of products from Belisha Beacons to dog warden kennels. Belisha Beacons is a part of Duffield design, a company that has been involved in street lighting products for the last 4 years.

We are proud to have local authorities, regional electricity companies and their contractors as just some of our many customers.

All our products supplied undergo vigorous inspections before dispatch, with our own internal quality assurance procedures  to ensure  all products are correct prior to dispatch  - we pride ourselves on right first time.

Duffield design has been involved in the design development and manufacture of all types of street lighting products for the last 20 years with a huge amount of experience in the street lighting industry, 12 years with a company based in Somerset, and 5 years with a Dorset company.

Specialising in LED low- power consumption, high visibility lighting, we aim to provide quality, durable products to suite a variety of environments.

We export our products Worldwide
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Standard Fitting
Bayonet Fitting
LED Floodlight
standard gallery
  & globe
hybrid beacon
rota flash
cut out
courtesy shields
  & halo boards
reflective bands
Tel: +44(0)1458 897 250
Email: belisha@me.com